We Both Lied

We Both Lied

You lied and I lied too
You hurt me and I hurt you too
You cried and I cried too
How did I become the bad person?
How come I hurt you more?
Why play the victim?
It hurts you as much as it does me
Like the adage says:
How you make your bed is how you lie on it
You did this to us!
You stopped caring
My cries and pleas fell on deaf ears
It’s laughable how it hurts more when it is you
What about me?
What about my sleepless nights?
What about my broken heart?
It’s not even been a day since I left
You already have a replacement
Makes me wonder if the tears were real
Were they all a ploy to rouse my sympathy?
Was this all to break me further?
Do you despise me this much?
My head is swarming with unanswered questions
But who would answer them?
I will live in oblivion
I will never know if you were real
But I will always remember
Not to fall for the wrong person

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