They Can’t Love You The Way I Do

They Can't Love You The Way I Do

Remember the days of hide and seek;
when our innocence was contagious
and the staining clay caused no offence.

Then in Morse code we whistle
and in Semaphores we whisper.
And growing up together was a jackpot
we hit that earned us millions of love.

I know you better than anyone,
from your rear to your front.
Your smile, voice, gait and your natural fragrance,
all unaltered within my soul

We use to play, fight
and hold each other tight.
This was an act that bonded our heart beyond the ordinary
and made us friends before we became lovers

From a distance I could tell when you are sad.
And in your absence I sense your heart’s elation.
Our hearts are knitted like a badge to a uniform.

Letting you go is an Everest to climb
which is paralyzing my wearied limbs.
And the men that caused this
are eagerly waiting for a split.

You were my idol,
a goddess I worshipped in reverence.
And my Barbie doll,
an obsession I’m proud of without pretence.

Then you found other men
and I’m now a finished pen.
I never saw a life without you
Or a day passing by far from your warm embrace.

Our first kiss brought stars upon us
and the galaxy shuddered in awe.
We were the best among folks
because we always kept it real.

What about our mini tour to the cliff,
where we professed love to each other like juveniles.
What about you being my tariff,
and our escape plan out of poverty files.

I won’t say you broke my heart,
because it is still beating in normal rhythm.
But surely if you go away,
no one can fill the void you’ve created.

This is not a prophecy or a promise
Or a vow broken to cause harm
But the sweet sad truth remains;
they can’t love you the way I do.

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