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Spiritual Maradonas

They’d mastered the art of
Dribbling the scriptures;
kicking kicks that aren’t free kicks
And cornering kicks that aren’t corner kicks
For their names to swell in the lips of men.

By their bags and umbrellas,
You shall know them.
They claim to witness for the
Jehovah themselves haven’t witnessed.

‘Spiritual Maradonas’,
Is what I like to call them.

It is now their craft.
Half truth. Half lie.
Forgetting that, negative, multiplied by
Positive, equals negative.

Some have in their portfolio,
Sermons where God’s grace is exaggerated.
“You don’t have sins to confess
Because the grace has covered it all.”
This is their trademark.

99% truth is 100% lie.
Don’t tackle these Maradonas,
Just guide your goal post to
Prevent their shots into your life.

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