Life Story

Life is given, a kid on the floor, with a smear of candy,

Crawling on the pavement, soggy knees and a need for exploring,

Years skipping by, until his pink fragile lips calls out “mommy”

Teenage lifestyle, violence and the apologies that comes with it, “I’m sorry”

Puberty maturity, deranged thoughts, and unfit for the society,

Few friends, weird kid, who likes to hang with the deceased,

School yard, fight breaks out, snaggletooth, then the dentist,

Home with aging mom, yells cut across the wind, trying to explain things,

Anger kicks in, storms out of the house, thoughts about the alley,

Oh wait! You’re only a kid, sneakers on mud, staring at the mushroom,

Holocene years, purple porch light, feels like you in a dream,

I keep my demons at bay with a scythe in my sleep,

Love from mom is a protection over me and that lurking beast,

Next day, new blood in school,

Heart thudding, she looks like a silver spoon,

Winter and spring, summer breeze, trees on desert land and drupes,

Hair like autumn, hazel gazing eyes, vast heart, beauty that froze Medusa,

Tangled in a cob web at first sight,

Mind at reversal, couldn’t peek at the sunlight at first glance,

An unsettled urge inside of me, as darkness sought light,

A word spoken, and her presence feels like cavalier,

Love built up, will you actually take my heart,

Too psychopathic, and she’s much crazier,

Days, months, whirl away in an heavy wind, love grew stronger,

Look inside my eyes, and tell me, you don’t love me too,

Because on an aisle, is both of us, Roman priest with a cross,

Black velvet dress, diamond ring, and a very proud mom,

On a knee, heart pouring out emotions, do you love me,

Tears drooling down my chest, your beauty is stunning,

Eons gone, in Paris, kids crawling in the parlor,

Drunk in love, drunk to the level of stupor,

Green skies, violet ice, devouring wind,

Child’s first word, at the dinner table,

Fragile bones, weak heart, give me a deep kiss,

Six feet, too deep, hold my hands till we deceased,

Hell hounds approaching, heaven’s got a better plan,

Don’t mourn me, tell them a perfect story.

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