The Fear Demon

The Fear Demon

There’s an entity in me
A demon that feeds on my fears
And my fears are fuels to my life source
So they’re eternally available

This demon has a familiar aura
And a familiar behavior
Like my brain, he doesn’t sleep
And he always stays hungry

When he feeds, I always feel it
He sends ripples of electric waves
Through my brain
And goosebumps through my body

“You’re an inferior being”
“You have, and will continue failing”
“You can never be better than this”
Some of his best sayings

But I think he has an ulterior motive
Because of my fears, I’m getting better
I’ve kept on fearing, growing
And he has kept on feeding

The day I’d stop fearing
Is the day I’d stop getting better
And out of hunger, the demon would die
So maybe he says those things just to survive

Or maybe not…

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