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In You

You strengthen my loose blocks
My wall grows with your beauty
Your voice is my favorite song
I’m singing along when you speak during the day and at night
Like white clouds making love to the blue sky, So, shall I drink from you and never eat your meat
Your touch is a hidden island with green vegetation
Let me sink in your cup of diamonds,
And dance to the strings of your rhythm words, You are a light from the star at night
You sit on the wall of my room,
And I stare at you with fixed eyes,
I shall draw your life covered in blue,
And I will put the pictures on all the walls of my heart
I will make you a silent volcano
You will give my land fertile soil
Please! Never should you disappear
Like a shooting star in the black sky
I will hold on to you tight
Let the blue sky of you be my moon
Reflect your love around the mountains of my heart
End my thirst, I need those blue drops of water from your heart
My heart is sinking
In the blue pictures of your on the walls of my house
You are white covered in blue
And in you, I find every lasting joy and love.

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