Behind the Sin II

When you see my sin,
But haven’t seen the unseen
Or unveiled the veil,
Don’t be swift to judge I, George.

I am that fellow that fell low
Whom the Lord shall forgive
And fore-give his spirit
If I turn from my weak-head ways.

Don’t prey on me.
Simply scorn me not.
I shall be strong again in the Lord
As I know the race isn’t to the swift.

Albeit, I’ve fallen, I want to fall in
God’s mercy again, but I feel unworthy.
Please, only intercede; for
I am now like a lost sheep.

You need not to slay me
With your tongue;
For behind the sin,
Is more to what you think.

I need not to be condemned
Or referred to as a bad figure.
Even zero is an important figure.
Simply hand me over to God in prayers.

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