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A Closed Leg

Mama said, “Don’t let any boy see your pants”
Mama said, “If you close your legs properly, men would cherish you”
Mama said, “Men adore women who do not give into sex
In summary Mama said, “My daughter, close your legs properly for the right man.”

But mama forgot one thing;
Mama forgot the lives and times of their time
The times when the clock read clockwise
The times when men were moved by abstinence
The times when young girls could boast of chastity
Mama forgot when girls time out were by the stream doing laundry and discussing the dance of purity
Mama forgot the age of the new millennium, technology and fancy fate
Mama forgot the blessed aged to the cursed one.

Mama forgot to tell me my closed legs would drive me into depression
Mama forgot to tell me the consequences of a closed leg
Mama forgot to tell me a closed leg leaves a woman in her 50’s unmarried
Mama forgot to tell me a closed leg signifies ‘Curse’ to the ‘New Age Man’
Mama forgot the witty saying of “A closed mouth is a closed destiny”
Mama forgot that same applies to a closed leg
Mama didn’t tell me all of these
Or maybe Mama didn’t know?
But do I blame mama?
I don’t.

I blame ‘Time’ for letting men screw it
I blame time for reading anti clockwise
I blame time for believing to be history
I blame time for cursing its use to be blessed ones
I blame time for cursing me.

But if had a chance to twist back the hands of time
I would reborn in Mama’s time of a blessed closed leg.

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