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Shut Up!

Shut up! You have no idea what I feel
You do not feel the bullet hole in my heart
The pain and groaning of each passing night
Or the burning flesh of salt into an injury…. you do not feel it
The migraines at the sight of a car’s light
And the fright of a mere alarm sound,
You do not feel it
Ever heard of psychological breakdown?
That moment when their screams echoe in your head
And then you groan in pain and wish you had died that day,
Wishing it was you not them.
All these you do not feel
For that day life robbed off its meaning,
And left me all alone to carry a burden to eternity

So do not tell me you know how it feels
Because you don’t!
You are not me
You weren’t there
I was!
So just shut up and quit talking.

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