Look No Further!

Take each glimpse, each eye that turned
To behold something degrading
Grey light of mist condensing on the pane.

The heart lively dimming
beneath the woes of the world. Take
Your vision to the chimney
that burns the refuse of past glory.

Of that blazing sight, take that which you love
From the grip of fantasy into the arms of reality while we
wrest away the rest from self. Take

The spec that beclouds, covering eyes in dark veil.
Look atop and beneath,
there is nothing of rare wonder.

Be pleased with never wanting
To look into the glaring spot:
Consuming all the eyes saw.

And emptiness received the light,
The black floor brightly shone.
But naught was to atone
For the acts of the free.

This, a mistake to come
when looking becomes the only option.
Your refusal to look will be rewarded with an extra eye.

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