Take me back to the days:
When life was awesome
When everything went my way
No matter how much I was troublesome
When my biggest problem was taking a bath
But I love my plate of cereal of wheat
When I didn’t care about getting fat
Even if I only ate pork meat

Throwback to those days:
When I thought this world was not just seethe
But also extremely chaste
When I thought I was brushing my teeth
Not knowing I was greatly sucking on toothpaste
When I never knew evil
But never knew good either
When I never knew about the devil
When I didn’t miss my mother

I remember back in those days:
When I didn’t know colour or race
When I never knew how to judge
When my friends cheated on me to win a race
But I never held a grudge
When I never thought I’d lose my friends
Never ever to see them again
When I never knew every beginning has its end
When I never knew no pain

Reminisce to those days:
When I never saw any danger
In collecting a candy
From anyone not even a stranger
Who likes me with my hair dirty and sandy
When I never felt depression
Nor believed I could ever experience deception
When I never suffered rejection
No matter how great the transgression

Flashback in time to those days:
When I never knew about love
When I had not met Didi
When I was taught to always show love
To the poor and needy
When I never knew a heart could break
And a girl could make you cry
That I’d put my life at stake
Just to love someone right

I wanna go back to those days:
When I could play in the rain
Watch it wash away my stain
Yet washing away my future pain
All into the drain
I wanna go back to the good old days
When I never knew what I said or did
When whoever I love stays

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