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Just One Mistake

It takes a moment, just a mistake for everything to crumble.

It takes just a moment for all you thought you built carefully to come crushing down.

At that moment, all your past labours and achievements are not important and no one seems to care.

It is all about that moment.
Who cares if you have won 50 billion the previous day? All that matters is the present.

At that moment, all your previous achievements are forgotten and you are left with pains, insults, regrets and frustration.

Who cares if you are the most intelligent?
Who cares if you have been the best for the past days?

One single mistake is all it takes for them to draw conclusions, as if they have been waiting a million years for that opportunity.
It may be your fault and it may not, but no one cares.

They only say the bad things you do, forgetting the good.

They only notice the bad things and behave as if you have never done anything good before. That is the world for you.

It takes a minute to realize you are worthless, thereby taking you back to number one. Learning to build up that self confidence that has been battered.

All it takes is one mistake.

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