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What A Confused Feeling

Dear Margret,

Why me, huh? Why have you left me in a dungeon of confused feelings? Why did you tuck into me this thing called love when you know you’ll scoot away? I must be sincere… its venom has dealt with me.

Margret, you’re the damsel who’ll soon kill me. You have created a mauling wound of craving in my head, and stolen my entirety; so that, I’ll soon become useless.

The thought of you has denied me the ability to wash up. And I don’t even eat anymore. For none of all these is as satisfactory as it’s always been when I lay on my bed, holding your picture and eyeing seductively at your dark brown eyes—the ones you’ve used to charm me.

This, I have done many times until now that my dad has found out. Margret, can you believe he actually whacked a heavy blow on my head for refusing to answer his call?

Oh, Margret! This is your fault!

I am doubting if you still have our memories. Well, if you don’t, I still do. You started it all, didn’t you?

I was attending a midweek service that day in our local church. We had almost finished with the doctrines of the service, when the speaker blared and the voice of the pastor instructed that we congratulate our neighbours, saying that God has turned our sorrows to joy. I was not sure of this prophecy, but who would not congratulate his neighbour for such a wonder?

It was when I turned to congratulate my neighbour that you stood there staring at me. I congratulated you, you remember? But you started it all, Margret. Yes, you did. You refused to let go of my hand for some seconds. And that gave me an opportunity to study your beauty. Your grip was so tender that it sent some chilling sensations down my spine.

But, Margret, do you know I didn’t even care about the thought of you at the moment? Yes, I didn’t. But not until the going-home-hour. It was you, who still leaned over, and with your succulent lips, you whispered into my ears.

“Take care of yourself for me!”

Margret, this thing you said to me turned my brain. For, in the end, I that came to church with a free mind went back home battling with a confused feeling. And now, what you left with me will soon kill me.

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