One among us is cold
Shaking, wrecking shivering in spine
Within he is warm
his state blank with no prints
What has happened?
We have no Idea
Who’s spell is at work?
We do not know.

Trembling from the effect,
One is lost like a hazy fog,
He moves around dazed.
The silvery wisp like fate’s string,
Leading this confused soul down beyond.
His ear echoes a buzzing tune,
His skin rigid and taut,
His mouth slack like a dead goat,
His nose pulses a slow rhythm,
I’d say he is dead.

Trammeled in a place devoid of feelings or form.
My memories like a distinct friend; sorta like my astro form.
I feel transcendence, I feel far beyond.
I don’t belong in this cosmos, my state of mind is forlorn.
I seek solace in the tranquil form of meditation.
I am in a strange wondrous domicile where I can’t feel love,
hurt, or all that wasteful emotions.
I travelled with the wind; I am GONE.

Let my soul travel the universe.

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