Teachers: Some Questions For Everyone

Teachers: Some Questions For Everyone

When you hear the word “Teacher”
What image comes to your mind?

A tall hungry looking man?
With long and wide trouser reaching up to his stomach; with specks sitting comfortably on his nose?
A man earning meagre income?
A man disrespected and abused
By the government and the society?
Do you see teaching as a lowly profession?

I was once told it is a noble profession
But now, I’m not so sure.
Has anyone ever thought of what the world would have been without the teachers?

We say that children are the leaders of tomorrow but no one has ever thought of what tomorrow would be, without the teachers to teach the children.

No one wants to be a teacher because they all think that teaching is a lowly profession, but do you blame them?

Who would want to endure the everyday headaches they experience from the kids they teach, only to be paid a meagre salary at the end of the month?

Who would want to endure the endless humiliations they suffer from the government who decides to owe them and pay them whenever they deem fit?

Who would want to endure the countless insults they receive daily from their students?

It is obvious that the society has lost its taste of value, because nowadays we give respect to politicians, engineers, senators and anybody that has money or power, forgetting that all these people were taught by the teachers.

A teacher had never been called or treated like a celebrity but they are being treated like worn out clothes that need to be disposed by the government.

How many popular people today can remember the names of their first teachers?

Can you?

I hereby throw a salute to all the teachers all over the world who even with the endless trials and challenges have continued to stay strong, determined never to give up on their students.

You are our heroes. Although we may not show it, we your students appreciate your efforts. You are the builders of our nation and the key to our future.

I salute you.

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