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Something Got To Leave

Into me, yeah into me
every part of her penetrating and dividing my soul.
Her cares,
Her fears,
Her tears,
Her heart’s shares… all at once condensing in my soul.
And fighting and struggling for the much I can
she finally lay hold of me to her soul.
I’m not strong enough to tell the post encounter story.
She striped me off temporary glory
and wore me the crown of lasting victory.
I’m conquered yet at peace,
a feeling born out of grace.
I’m not worthy of fleeting joy,
of blasting success, yet I enjoy every bit of this fountain.
My demons,
My repleting thorns,
My ceaseless strife… all gone in a twinkling of an eye.
I felt like a stranger in my own body.
Hell no, I’m free! But she is in control and I couldn’t help it.
This is better than the pride that grew in me, consuming me from within and without.
Yes, I’m free when I lost my old me.
I once wrestled with the old me that daily bathed in the devil’s tub.
And in the end something got to leave,
either my old me or my new me. Something just got to leave.

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