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My Fatherland

When I wake up every morning I think of my fatherland.
A land blessed with milk and honey, that’s my fatherland.
A land with a great potency for agriculture, that’s my fatherland.
A land with vibrant and innovative youths, that’s my fatherland.

Great inventors and adventurous minds all found in my fatherland.
Great diviners and prophets of God we’ve got in my fatherland.
Renowned professors and Academicians plenty in my fatherland.
Political gladiators and philosophers in large quantum in my fatherland.

Then permit me to ask this question, My fatherland.
Why do we have all these yet we still agonize, oh my fatherland?
Why has retrogression been our case? Answer me my fatherland
Why do the kings and queens have to live like wretches, oh my fatherland?

Our endowments now cause us tears, Why, my fatherland?
Our youths we should treasure now our woes, why, my fatherland?
Our education is drastically depreciating, why my fatherland?
Our security is no longer a priority to our leaders. Oh why, my fatherland?

The giant I used to know now crippled and amputated, why my fatherland?
The livestock we ought to feed on now feeds on us, why my fatherland?
Our arms and ammunition now fights for animals better than humans.
All these questions I have awaiting your answers, oh my fatherland.

An anniversary marks growth but the reverse is our case, oh my fatherland.
The people you sheltered, you now run to for shelter. It’s an error my fatherland.
Your people now get brutalized in a foreign land, oh my fatherland.
All because of your unproductivity and inefficiency, oh my fatherland.

Arise and regain ur gigantism, oh my fatherland.
Arise and be truly independent, oh my fatherland.
Arise and make ur home habitable, oh my beloved fatherland.
Arise and wipe away the tears of your people, oh my fatherland.

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