I can’t help but remember
The times I thought I had a million friends
Now it’s all cold like December
When I think of how it ends
I guess some mistakes can’t be corrected
Nor some sins forgiven
The karma is much more than I expected
But I’ve gotta face what I’m being given

They tell me, “It’s okay… no one is perfect
You’ll be okay, one day the pain will no more reflect
With time… things will get better”
But the question is: “Does it ever…?”
Now when they see me, they just walk past
Like we’ve never ever met
Oh!… this mistake from my past!
Why bring me this much regret?!

Met my homie with the dread
He said, “We’re supposed to be what we meant to be”
So I asked him, “What am I supposed to be?”
He said, “You supposed to be dead!”
My friends treat me like I’m a goner
They’ve pushed me to the corner
Now I’m at the very edge
Of falling off from the ledge

Someone who once loved me told me, “Hold fast…
I’m always here with you… forever”
It’s funny how she said, ‘forever’
But now we’re in the past
Right now I’m traumatized
Life’s hell of dramatized
Looks beautiful but f’ed up on the inside
Full of thoughts and thoughts of genocide

Here’s to the friends I’ve lost
I know y’all think I don’t know the cost
To fix the damages I’ve done
But just know, with my past… I’m done
Now I ain’t got no friends anymore
And my life is like a movie
With me as nothing but a lonely Mollie
So when they say they love me, I say, “Is it real?… Are you sure?”

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