A Hungry Lion Is An Angry Lion

I hate to believe it
But here I am
Dripping of blood
My head in her mouth
my skull crushed to pieces
Oh, how I hate to believe it!
But it is happening
All I can ask is
What happened?
Why me?
But these are rhetorical questions,
Questions I pushed away
And now I have to pay.

Dear cub, baby, I’m sorry
For I denied you
What you are
I’m sorry for I gradually turned you
Into a hungry lion
I’m sorry, for I blame you not
For you were driven by your stomach
Just so you could fulfill you insatiable want
Dear cub, even with my head in your mouth
I know you cry
For I gave you milk
When you needed meat
Making you a hungry canivore.

For you were my charming little cub
So loving and playful
My love for you smelt of roses
If only I had given you meat
Just maybe I wouldn’t
Be your meat today
But like they say,
“A hungry lion is an angry lion.”

Now I know better.

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