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Were I To Be A Poet

If I were a poet
I’d weave my thoughts into words,
I’d paint my grieve and turn it into art,
I’d cherish the words I write,
But, I’m just a failure, hoping not to fail.

If I were a poet
I’d nuture my thoughts and breed them into words,
I’d heal with words and slay depression with sword,
But, I’m just like a desert without rain.

If I were a poet
I’d be an ambivert,
I’d blend and adapt like a chameleon,
And take cues from others on how to behave,
But, I’m a talkative, I hope to reduce that.

If I were a poet
I’d speak in tongues and love my words,
I’d respect all poets and read their poems,
I’d wine and dine with books
But, I’m just a girl trying to pen her pain.

If I were a poet
I’d appreciate my parents with words,
I’d love myself and know my right,
I’d be fluent in love and know my worth

If I were a poet I’d try to make a difference,
I’d write and correct my mistakes,
But, I’m not a poet, I’m just a girl trying to get lost in word.

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