Until This Rain…

Tiny thread of a romp
To a very remote time
When ups are for squirrels
Downs for reptiles

Little flashback to green
Sweet hood and of life
In the neighborhood
When we were glued to mama
As the moon to the night

Great ambitions we inhaled
Exquisite, flamboyant, though poor
We unlocked locks of every door
Locking the happiness we detailed

But then the cloud wavered
Thunder clapped
Twas astounding
The lightening clever

It stormed in
When we were still youths
When we didn’t finish our education
Diminishing youthful exuberance

It stormed in
We ran from Abiola
Abacha looted our vineyards

It stormed in
Our kero sped up high
Then built a home up there

Then it came
Heaving heavily against us
The insecurities, murder and bribery

I asked mama
She said it’s human nature
Then papa said
It’s black nature
But I ask
Is it our nature that we chose not to mature?

I remember
I keep missing the years
I reminisce and smile
It was all fine

We would freely scamper
Without fears of a kidnapper
Though wide awake
Some kids are napped

Adults knifed
Man his wife…

Only if it wasn’t for the rain
It would have been okay

It was all beautiful
It was all in tranquil
Until this rain…

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