The Haunting It Brings

The Haunting It Brings

Sometimes when the rains return
So returns my sanity
And images of a past life pass by my eyes.

I remember the smiling face
And the voice that sang along as I strummed my guitar.

I remember the beauty
That was the centre of my universe.

I remember the finger curled in my hand
Silently whispering encouragement as I battled death.

I remember the drunken bouts and harsh words and pounding fists
And the forgiveness that always came after.

I remember the parting that saw me utter unforgivable words
And the hurt that was evident on that innocent face.

I remember the body that was found floating in the pool
While I was off on a foolish tour.

I experience the guilt even till today
And I know with certainty that one moment of madness can cause you the entire universe.

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