My Life With You

My Life With You

At some point,
I halt and think back.
Comparing my past life to the present,
To myself I said, “It’s a
good memory to recall.”

Back then,
just like a nobody, I was deserted
Just like a pig, I was shunned.
But as the story has it,
It’s all in the past.

These days, a God-sent locates my way
Not minding the voice of the world,
He makes me his.
And my days of testimony begins.

Having found the man next to my heart,
He blesses me every morning with morning blessings.
Unleashing his caring attitude, he calls me every time to know how I feel.
Not minding how tough his day was, he sends me to sleep with a sweet night messages.

Indeed it’s sweet to be loved by someone special to you
Today I live to tell the world about you,
These day I shall say something
Right now I must confess and testify…
My life with you is never a regret but the best of all.

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