My Country

A green house with a blue roof,
An adorned filament with a golden proof
Knitted together as fact to form the truth,
The truth fashioned out, a seed to form the root
In the soil of great land.

Torrential captured the roof
In the stream that proves
The face of the seed as the truth.
The zeal in my golden forest
Painted the camp of my forest
With the pen of fragrant unicorn.

Deep, is the mind of an ocean,
The depth of my country
Flows speedily like a leopard
And slowly like a tortoise
With great wisdom of transformation.

The bell of surprise rang, a pleasant hollow,
The face of my country never stinks
The green face of my country is
Always covered with hyssop of care
Strengthened a %with steel of ideas.
My country is the face of the world,
My country is priceless,
The world of my country is built
With rubies of strength and power.

My country is covered with strings of heavens,
With shield of comfort like the shell of snails.
The zeal of heaven is the stigma of my country.
Blessed like the sun, favoured with raw materials from green valley
That makes it beautiful like the heavens of silver.

Zealous and wonderful like noble fir.
My country is a fragrant of unlimited splendor.
This whirr the heart of my country
With green pearls of technology.
My country is graced without measure,
My country’s vegetation is the best,
Although there are other bests,
The best of my country is exceptional,
And cannot be exempted from the best.

The four wings of the world,
Partners with my country
For words of wisdom, to pew
The strength of other countries.
The trees in my country,
Is rooted in the soil of a splendorous land.

The wilderness lost its purpose,
My country is valued, as the sun is to the earth.
Holly Nigeria, an aerial of vision,
Nigeria, you are mounted
Without height, mounted on beauty, your hill
Do exist on earth, because, the height of the sun
Is an infinite mystery enclosed in its pearls…

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