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Meditate on Me

I know I’m gone
but if you could just close your eyes and meditate on me;
I’ll be beside you in the room,
standing right by the wardrobe
and watching you groan in confusion over what to wear.

I’ll wake you up from the long night
with sweet smelling mac and cheese
as breakfast in bed
and watch you be all smiles.

I’ll be the pillow you punch
to take out your work frustration,
’cause your boss yelled at you
and I’ll let you hug me after so much pain from your blows.

I’ll stand by you and lead you through the dark night,
carefully watching your every step
and grabbing you at every single leap of a fall.

I’ll be your warm embrace of every cold night
putting sweet popcorns into your mouth
as we enjoy the Cinderella story
in the movie “Ella Enchanted.”

I’ll be the the hanging picture on the wall
as a reminder of my love for you
for I have always loved you and I forever will.

My physical presence may be empty today;
but if you could just close your eyes
and meditate on me I will be HERE.

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