In the Balcony

In the Balcony

If you catch me stare into your eyes, right here in this balcony
Will you stare right back into mine
Or maybe draw closer and put your lips on mine?
Let me savour the after taste
As time stops to watch this unearthly expression of untimely love

Let nothing, absolutely nothing, hinder us
Not even the curious onlookers
As I sneak into your bodice to unhook your bra with so much ease
You wouldn’t feel it leave your body
I want to watch your breast look in my direction and yearn for those masculine squeezes
But instead I’ll just secure the side of your neck with my blissful kisses,
Break every pore as they tingle with pleasure
I’ll travel miles to your lips,
Slowly, steadily granting your feminine desires
I’ll drown you in a river of pleasure tonight
We’ve all night to ourselves

Allow me ‘hunnie, allow me
Let this balcony tell our tale
As we leave behind beautiful memories to behold
Let our bodies move in a perfect rhythm to this melodious beats, a mixture of excitement and intoxicating pleasure
Allow me ‘hunnie, allow me
Allow me to roam your skin with tender kisses and bites
Tread the path that leads to your ‘clit
And make it split
Let my tongue drive you into unfathomable glory
Just moan baby, cry
I’ll make you wet with pleasure, never to dry
Can you manage that?
I hope you can

Allow me to go back
Who wouldn’t want to cup these magnificent boobs
Suckle them and watch them grow hard with pleasure
I’ll make you want to leave them in my mouth forever
As long as this pleasure never ceases

We have all night to ourselves
So let’s make every passing second an ounce of pleasure
Stroke me, make me feel what you feel
Roam my body with tender touches and kisses
Let pores tingle with pleasure
Make me dizzy in love
No one can stop us now
Desire has awoken

Now allow me
Allow me to drive in and out
And cause your mind to blow
Each thrust better and harder than the other
I’ll land you into a sea of orgasms
Let me bend you to my will
And please you to your will
Together let’s melt into a sea of romantic satisfaction
As I empty myself in you and you in me
And then at this moment
Let time stop
As we shake and shiver
Let me remain in you
As thunder rolls do their thing in our heads

Allow me to drive you into the most deserving climax.

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