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I Cried

A sweet foundation was how we started.
Nothing but fresh love soaring through our mindsets.

Laughter and smiles that were as symmetrical as the sunset.
I still have a memorabilia of her vintage yellow striped dress.

I still visualize how sensational she looked on my t-shirt.
All the exquisite taste.
The sweet scent.
Trapped in the bedspread.

Imaginations now take over what I used to cherish and literally felt.
Won’t you at least let me confess?

I used to think I came first.
But you ran away, prison break away from my heart, and sprinted away from the gory fence.

Left me broken in two halves and left for dead.
All the fuckery playing mind games in my complicated head.

I cried!

But I knew you hardly cared.
The constant nostalgic feelings caused me to experience a second hell.

Vision getting blurry,
eyes getting swollen and strangely red.
I thought after a week I’d recuperate from the attack and be fine and well.

But instead…
The memories haunt me and I feel scared.
Head under water it’s subvert.

Heart split into two,
dispersed East and West.
Alone in my domicile,
reposing and thinking about the days we used to had.

Love is blind.
Where is the romance?
Dead with the night.
Darkness took over my heart.

I feel empathy for no one.
Allow me lay still and stare at the stars.
Fingers interweaving through cold wet grass.
My eyes glistening like wet glass.

Let out all the cries.
Yell out all the pain into the night.
Rain like the clouds.
And never trust anyone with your heart.

It’s detrimental to the mind.

Sometimes I sit and wonder, where’d the time fly to, away from me, or to someone worth the time.

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