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During Our Time, We Fought Many Wars

“I wager you’ll soon join the others in their cries if you don’t mind your business!”

“Taaaa! You’re nothing but a thief and a weakling, Arinze. Now, throw that fruit here!” I guess an unknown force has taken over me today.

A pang of anger clashes against Arinze’s heart. He comes, lounging like an angry lion with his red face. His dried lips buried underneath his stained teeth.

“Say that again!” he roars.

He’s now posing a horse stance, his muscles outstretched and his veins, poking out. But Arinze didn’t know I’m not chicken-hearted like others. I’ve calculated and anticipated this day—a day to end his endless torments to every lad in my village.

“I said you’re—”

He sends his left arm. But he’s quite unskilled. I didn’t want to linger in this war. Many girls have gathered with their speculating eyes fixing on us. So, it’s time to earn their crushes. I effortlessly dodge Arinze’s weak blow; sneaks to his right. And in a jiffy, he’s in the air, begging for mercy. While all the rapturous cheers fall on my proud shoulders.

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