Bird in the Sky

I’m like a bird without sight but I have flight
I fly in a tunnel filled with thorns
These thorns were the torment
The torment was my life

The first thorn was pain
I didn’t understand the pain
It was noxious to my body
I collapsed in the throes of agony
But I kept flying because I had flight

The second thorn was depression
I know this feeling
It desponded my soul
I felt despair and doldrums
But I kept flying because I had flight

The third thorn was squall
I know this feeling but I don’t understand it
I felt like a squab but I’m not
I felt glabrous but I’m not
I may not have sight but I have flight
I choose to fly

My tunnel doesn’t seem to end
They say at the end of every tunnel where is a light
How will I see the light without my sight?
My comfort is I have flight
My flight will take me to my sight

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