Trusted Lies

Trusted Lies

The dreary path of truth sucks
hence the chase for lies in stocks.
I’ve been a victim of truth,
telling the truth and ending with a smack.

A little kid is taught to tell a lie with just a frown
so why won’t lies give you the crown?
“It is brown, yes it is brown”
but we see green from top to down.

And lies multiply in figures
and get daily upgraded measures.
And it becomes palatable
to the the taste bud of the nobles.

Lying is a way of life,
a stab not from a knife.
It is the treaty of flirting husband and wife
and the template of a usual strife.

A guy will say to a girl
“I love you with all my heart”
Then he takes her heart
as a field for judo and karate,
making her see love as lies.

And when true love comes again,
she flees like the train
until she meets with another lie again;
then she comes to accept it as a normal trend.

And lies have gained the trust of the majority,
and truths, the denial of the minority.
But falsehood cannot replace integrity
no matter the rising lies and its severity.

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