To Junior, My Son

Good communication corrupts bad manners,
I hope you know,
Bad communication will corrupt good manners.
I have since seen sins birthed in man,
This wasn’t innate,
It was copy and paste.
My friend could be my beginning or my end.
This I have seen happen in this end,
Not even enemy but friend being used by the enemy;
The frienemy.

Agutan tio ba ba aja rin, o ma je igbe.
This is a song, sung to my hearing by your grandfather.
I hear them, in my ears till this day,
This still resounds.
There is God,
There is Satan in this world.
There is good,
There is evil in this world.

Hear my words;
Choose the right choice.
Differ your left from your right.
Make the right your right.
Do not allow the wrong, right.
Fight if you may for this right for humanity.
Write this in the heart of humanity like as I write to you this day.
Bad communication corrupts good manners.

Agutan tio ba ba aja rin, o ma je igbe,” is a proverb in Yoruba language in Nigeria which can be translated to, “a sheep that moves with dogs with eat their faeces.”

This means bad company influences bad attitudes.

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