Poetic Genius

Behind metaphors and in between the lines,
Are of dreams reality finds obsolete to define,
Of the power that scribes the pen on paper to make a masterpiece,
The punchlines that punch lines with utmost ease.

Showing the future today like how today wil be shown in the future,
Face of Mama Africa, the global Mona Lisa, the perfect picture,
The genius gene is in us,
A thin line between greatness and goodness.

Lines that fall in pleasant places called verses,
Like a zillion asteroids that beautify multiverses,
So soothingly sweet like words on tongues of pantomimes,
The rise and fall of rhythms and rhymes.

They define life with letters that carries life,
A new life like the birth of a new wife,
A heart that pours out an art to design life,
The blossoms of bees from a hiding Hive.

Flawlessly unflawed with perfection,
Rich food for thoughts that brings a star out of starvation,
A creative that puts creativity on a priceless pedestal,
The one out of this world, the extraterrestrial…

Inufin Ayomide D’great
Ras Godisoh

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