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My Bad

I’ve known bright days and blue days
Days when raindrops worked temporary magic
Purging my heart of all sewage, then bringing back double of it
Amongst all, one day torments me
That very day I said, “It’s over”

You begged, you wept
I ignored those pearls that rolled down your cheeks
How selfish I was; how brutal, inhumane
To forget all those moments we shared
How disheartening, to disintegrate our love to dust and ashes

I could imagine how lonely your world became
I could feel the chill in your heart
Your aggrieved soul reached out to me
She whispered accusations of murder
Oh! What have I done? I’m guilty as accused

With this treachery, I can’t live; at least not in peace
I still feel the tiniest spark
I dwell in reminiscence, twenty hours of everyday
Then dream of you in my arms, four hours of my night sleep

Now, I want you back
Even though you say our love story was once upon a time
Even though you want to slit my throat with a shard of that broken heart
Even though you want me to drown in my pool of nostalgia

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