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Mr. Right

What a wedding! Just like the one I dream of having.

I was so loving it. The best wedding I had attended in a long long time, and it was really worth it. Bintu inviting me was not the only reason why I attended, but I had the feeling that maybe my Mr. Right would be there.

Okay, the truth is, I only attended with the hope of finding Mr. Right. I was getting tired of having unworthy suitors knocking at my door. Most times, I felt like punching them right in the face to make a statement. Festus! Festus of all people came seeking for my hand in marriage. I laughed my heart-out when mother informed me. This guy was three times my size for God sake, not to mention that he had to turn sideways to pass through the door.

As if that was not downgrading enough, Bala, the carpenter came too. Chai, God! I rather not say much, but just like twenty other suitors they all weren’t on my level.

Chidi, Chidi was the one guy I thought was relatively my type. Only for me to hear that he was arrested by the police. And for what? For being a yahoo boy, they said.

Felani was a lucky woman, her wedding was just like what I imagined I would have someday. The only thing that was missing on that day was, I wasn’t able to find him. Who? Mr. Right, of course. All the men that had the audacity to approach me on that wedding were all secondhand materials. Ah, ah! Was I invisible to the eligible bachelors?

Hmmm! Well, I turned forty last year. So my life is just starting this year oo! Just for the record. “Life begins at forty,” they say. But if you’re a lady reading this right now, I advise you learn from my life’s story. Mr. Rights are not found, they are made. So when you find that relatively on your level type of guy, transform him to your Mr. Right.

As for me, I am still searching for my Mr. Right jor! Besides, “One man’s food is another man’s poison.” So if you think I’m giving up already, oh no! You must be joking.

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