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I Fell In Love

Usually I embrace and brace the windows

Slightly I pinch it
To give me an opening

So I can stargaze
For its my love

I would watch the clouds
Swallow the moon and back

I would stare and wish I live in them
The firmaments
For they are my love

I would wander and climb trees
And caress the peaceful leaves
For they are my love

I enjoy watching the hummingbird sing
The way the parrot talk
And the cooing of the coo coo

I love chasing and dancing with the butterfly
I steal the moment it kisses the flowers

And the bees are my dear ones
For their unity and trust overwhelms

Sometimes I vagabond the field
To have a glimpse of the antelope
For its my love

I embrace and hug the tree branches tightly
While enjoying the cool evening breeze
For its my love

I cherish drizzles
Most times I wish they never stop
For its my love

I freely bask in the sun
I joyfully dance in the rain
And the tinglings it send to my spines
Makes me shiver in amazement
For it’s my love

I often visit the sea shore
And go far deep into the sea
For its my love

I love watching the fish scatter
The way they fiddle and riggle
I suppose I wiggle
To help fit in

I enjoy the splashes of the waterfall
And amazed at the wonderful heights
And sweetness of the spring
For its my love

I love the calmness and comfort of the river
It makes me come back for more
For its my love

I love seeing the birds perch
And cast their beak
And sing their song
And flap their wings
I love them

I love the squirrel
Stealth stealer of the palmnut
I love those furry tails
They tickle me

But I fell in love
When I saw the calmness in your face
Yes it surpassed that of the river

The warmth you give
More than the basking in the sun

The sweetness of your body
Is way different than the spring

The amazement you give

Yes, now I know
That I have fallen in love

Now oblivion calls
For you alone exists

My ex loves
Yes, ex loves
Are in anguish

Come my love, let us cheat death
For he alone can challenge our love

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