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“David get up. I’m injured.” I held my brother’s cloth, shaking him to get up.
“David,” I said with a loud voice this time. His clothes were soaked in blood, I couldn’t go to run for help.

“Help! Help us!”

It was all I could do, trying to get us help even in the state I was. I placed my two fingers under his ears, then became overwhelmed with some kind of feeling. It wasn’t joy or hope, I wasn’t sure what I felt. The way his veins kept on telling me to have faith was so… I don’t know how to explain.

“Help!” I increased my tempo while trying to remove my legs that were stuck to the car door. “Help!” Holding my brother’s hand, I managed to remove my legs and tried to stand up, but the pain on my right leg got me crying and I fell back to the ground. My tears increased when I saw that my leg bone was broken and had come out of my skin.

“Someone please help,” I cried looking at my leg that was oozing out, but blood instead of tears came out of my eyes. Our hands were still together as I fainted from the unbearable pain I was passing through.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I open my eyes, finding myself in the hospital. The pain on my leg had gone. The leg was raised up with some kind of thing.

“You’re awake. Doctor!” The nurse in my ward ran out. I tried sitting up but the leg combined with a head injury I didn’t know I sustained did not let me.
All I could think of was how David was. He tried his best to avoid the trailer, which—

“Miss, how do you feel?” the doctor came in, dragging me out of my thoughts.

“I am okay. What of David?”

“Who is David?” he asked as he held my wrist with his thumb and one of his thin fingers.

“He is my brother. The guy whom I was in an accident with.”

“Sorry miss you were the only one that was seen at the accident scene. There was no other body.”

I took my hand forcefully from him. David was with me. I know everything that happened, my memory can’t deceive me.

“Who brought me here?” I asked.

“One Mr. Eric. Calm down everything will be fine. You’re in a bad condition now. You have to recover first before thinking of David.”

Wait oh! Is this man alright?

“Doctor what are you trying to say?”

“Emma, you’re fine! Thank God.” Eric stormed in with the nurse that was with me earlier.

“Eric, where is David?”

He stopped just before he got to my bed.

“Emma, I’m sorry we couldn’t find him.” His eyes had begun to water like mine. I was getting up from the bed, forgetting my leg and my movement of removing my leg from whatever it was that held it, coupled with the force of it hitting the ground as I fell, reminded me that I had only one leg.

“Ah!” I screamed as the doctor and the nurse held me and carried me back to the bed. Eric just sat by me.

“Emma you need to calm down and recover, not this,” he said as he held my hand.

“Where’s David?” I asked again, sobbing until I felt something like a sting on my other hand. I was given another dose. I closed my eyes.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and months turned into years; actually five years after the accident. I didn’t find him. I decided to forget about him, thinking that maybe his body was eaten by some wild animal. I decided to let go of the past. My leg had already healed, but I was strictly advised by the doctor not to put on heels for some period of time.

“Ma’am we have a client who wants to see you,” one of my employees said bringing me out from my thoughts.

“Oh! I am coming. Tell him or her to wait for sometime,” I said to her while she nodded her head and left my office. I entered the bathroom to pee then I saw my face in the mirror.

I can’t believe I have been crying since. My employee saw this face. I washed my face really fast and dried it with a small towel. I hurriedly took my makeup to apply little on my face.

“Hello, Miss Emma.”

“Hey, good morning, Pastor Sam. It’s actually an honor.” I stretched my hand out which he took as we shook hands.

“I really want you to do a job for me. A really beautiful four step cake for my daughter’s wedding ceremony,” he said, as we both sat down on seats facing each other.

“The usual colors?” I asked smiling at him.

“Yes, her usual colors. She didn’t even let us pick another color.” We both laughed.

“How’s Eric?”

“He is fine and good.” I smiled while writing something on my work diary.

“Emma you have to let go.” My eyes were at a fixed gaze with his.

“Eric wants the best for you. You should not push me out. He is trying his—”

“I know he is trying his best. Can everyone just let me live my life the way I want to? It’s none of any of your business or anyone’s else business.” That wasn’t how I planned to answer him. I had already gotten up to leave to my office. My eyes had begun to water again.

“Emma you have to learn to forgive yourself. It wasn’t even your fault,” Eric’s voice replayed as I slammed my office door shut.

David wasn’t dead. I know it, I feel it. I know I said I had let go but they were just words that weren’t backed up with actions. I still have faith that he is still alive.

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