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Can’t Do This

You feel you are perfect
why do you?
You think you’ve seen it all
But definitely not,
Variation occurs all the time
Moments, old things occur in a new way.

At first…
we were strangers,
With contradictions, we know not ourselves.
The plan was to be till eternity
But circumstances have done their part
What really happened?

We were resolved to be there for ourselves
Though we were,
But Mr. Pride can’t just let us see beyond.
Perhaps future holds nothing for us…

I would’ve known earlier,
I could’ve gotten the signal beyond those smiles,
I would’ve wisened up,
But all the same.
I seek no amendment anymore

Spare me your wrath, oh regret!
I’ve done what others did with the influence of a man
Though there could be amendment,
but that I seek no more.

All I see previously in you have all faded
You are just a replicate of replication,
The contradiction of who
you are,
Arrogant and pride itself
How could I have survived?

Now it’s clear,
stressing my heart was the mission
You think I’m not going to know?
I offered my best but you deserved it not.
I’m gladly leaving the four walls of you,
Six months seem like six years
Thank goodness it’s not too late.

Beg me not,
My mind is already made up.
Go out and find your rib,
I’m certain is not me
No time to waste time

Mind you,
Permit her not to see what I saw
That alone is behind my action.
Treat her well
most importantly,
my regards to the diva
I still care though…

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