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Why This Move?

“You can go to hell for all I care
I don’t need you again, can’t you get it?”
All this words for me?
Wow… what a heart of stone!
What wrong have I done to this imposter?

Aren’t you moved by my tears?
Don’t you think twice before you act?
In which way have I fallen short of your glory?
And what exactly do I owe this nasty retort?

When you were losing the life in you,
I tried my best and bounced you back to life.
When you wanted to quit,
I motivated you with my story.
Your heart was weak but my words strengthened it.
Now things are better, you choose to back off just like that.

Ignoring all my efforts, you left boldly.
You dwell in the midst of company that did not care previously.
You spend lavishly on those that do not know you ever existed.
Now I can tell it all…

Perhaps I wasn’t destined to know you but nature permits.
Maybe I was too kind,
I shouldn’t have help anyway.
I guess I’m below your class,
I should have know earlier than now.
Now it’s clear to me
We are not meant for ourself.

Daily I knelt in prayer for your success
But you stood against me.
I toiled hard for your happiness,
But you chose to stress my heart.
It’s all my fault, I know…
If I had listened to myself earlier,
I wouldn’t have come this far with you.

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