Our Lives For We Place Na Depression

Our Lives For We Place Na Depression

E don tey wey e start
The question wey them English ask us
‘Na why we people poor even with our riches
Why because
The blessing wey baba God give us
Na im start the curse of our generation

Baba God bless us with oil
Country people call us oil of the nation
But them give us cost price as inflation
Even we wey get the oil
We nor see rub
Our skin dry like plank
Abi na our living condition
That one na story wey dey touch heart.

Hmmm my brother, na we oil dey feed dem politicians bank account
Na we oil dey build dem mansions
Na we oil dey marry dem plenty wives
Na we oil dey send dem children go abroad go school
All na we oil money dey do am
But if you see us
Na cry you go cry for us
House we no get
Food nko? that one na palava
Abi na the education wey them dey preach up and down
We no get
Abi na road, ha! That wan na story for another day.

My brother na condition make crayfish bend
So no blame us for we actions
Why because
If no be Niger Delta Avengers today
E go be Niger Delta boys vandalise pipe tomorrow
But if you be me wetin you go do?
Since talk talk no gree work
Na fight fight must work
Even the Bible talk am say,
“The kingdom of God suffereth violence
And the violent taketh it by force”
So my brother reason matter with me
You go see say na condition make cray fish bend.
Abeg make una free me
My city discussion
dey cause depression.

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