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Echoes From The Eagle’s Eye

Gaze into your past.
If I could count all the things God has done in my life and would still do, I know my pen would not be enough to express it.

With a heart felt gratitude to God, I welcome you into a new month.

It’s been a long, rough year with so much adventures and more to come.

Well, my dear friends, want I really want you to do is just to be thankful. Be thankful for life, goodness, bliss, challenges and so on that has gone through your life.

God has been so faithful. I want to assure you that God has a plan for you.

Friend, don’t look at your present situation and because of that say God isn’t faithful.

Never, forget to establish the fact that for every one there is a good destination ahead.

Yes, for you, there is a better day ahead.

Forget all your sorrows and shames and bask in the euphoria that God has started.

Remember, God has a calendar which is different from man’s own and at the right time, his will will be done.

Never forget the true source of your strength, inspite of your background.

Never forget to dial that special number “JESUS” in time of needs.

December is here, look at what God has for you.

D- Dance after all your travails
E- Excellence for a new beginning.
C- Command to go on!
E- Exhibition for his glory
M-More and more positive vibes.
B-Best of his grace and mercy
E- Envy to others
R- Right motives and desires.

This is what God has for you. It’s never too late for him to begin his work.

Remember, December doesn’t make God to go on break, it doesn’t make him to stop his promises in your life.

Once life challenges comes, you need a telephone “prayers” and a line “righteousness” and of course a satellite” faith” and anything you ask from him, he will freely give you.

Happy new month and year in addy.

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