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Arewa Mi

Her thought keeps me awake all night.
Her sweet words send adrenaline through my veins.
Her light blues eyes enchant my soul.
Her smile erases my tears.
Her touch keeps my body warm.
A precious gem of the highest.
Arewa mi.

If I could cross down the big ocean to meet you.
If I could keep my head down to listen to your harmonious voice.
If I could inscribe your name everywhere I go.
Just to let the universe know how rare you are.
I would do it with my last breath.
Arewa mi deserves it.

When I wake up in the morning.
And see you by my side.
I will kiss your sweet lips.
Want to see you last before going to bed.
See your glamorous face when I wake up.
“Good morning sunshine,” I’ll say.
And the sun will glow us together
Arewa mi.

I might be responsible for people I let into my life.
But the choice of you being my Arewa wasn’t made by me.
It made by destiny.
The distance between us made me keep loving you.
Inside my inner soul.
It feels this connected love.
Calling unto you.
Arewa mi.

When the sun set down.
And the moon gleams high.
The stars show their glorious color.
I’ll hold you by hand.
Walk to the cinema together
We’ll laugh together, you will beat my chest.
Rest upon my shoulder your head.
Then I’ll raise your head up.
Place a dip kiss unto your lips.
A warm long hug.
And I’ll tell you, “I love you”
Arewa mi.

The only day that I will stop loving you, is when the earth stands still.
My heart is made to love you.
My lips are made to kiss you.
My eyes are made to see that beautiful face of yours.
My hands are made to hold you.
Every part of me wants you.
Maybe because I was made for you.

Accordingly to Greek mythology, Zeus split the human body into two because he feared it was too powerful.
Out of one being came man and woman.
Separated by Zeus in order to prevent it from rising against the gods.
Legend says these two now separate beings are destined to roam the world until they find their other half.
When they find each other, they will unite and their spirit will join and become that one being separated by Gods.
Against all odds
We found each other Arewa mi.

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