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What If (Challenge)

What if the earth was still formless and void of thousands legs?
What if caps were god and the head-tie were God?
Our mouths would have been mouthfuls of blood
What if I were made the king of the forest,
And threw the backs of my predecessors on the face of the earth?
(The broaden routes we’ve nearly trodden)
Inflicting ugly detriments to our hearts

What if? What if?…
What if matriarchal dominance were adopted?
‘Wo’manhood would have been manhood—manipulated.
(Woe bechance the devil in his woeful ediface!)
What if your mother were the murderer that murdered your lover?
Filial ‘nd romantic love—collided
Opt for your mother or your lover—deadly dilemma

Just imagine,
If the love we preached were secreted from hatred?
Then, we can never desert an ancient deity for the bizzare one—imaginary
What if God’s ears were a basket or sieve?
Your requests would have been a fig tree—sprouting no seed
What if Nigeria was like the garden of Eden?
A thousand saliva and mucus on every linen garment

What if?…
… Homo sapiens were in place of animals,
And animal in place of man—vice versa?
The earth would have been in merriment, and the pilot in peace
What if the poets ‘nd writers’ quill couldn’t speak through the barb?
Oh, the truth would have been hoarded!

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