Udu Ndụ Na-ekwe Ndụ

Udu Ndụ Na-ekwe Ndụ

Rise my child,
Put on your amour of pride
Bring with you the pot of life,
Walk with me to the stream of your mothers
And fetch from the rivers of life.

Fetch from the stream of Mmirimma
The goddess of beauty
That you may wield her powers
And enslave mortals to spell.
Fetch from the river of Ikenga
The god of strength
That you may wield his strength
And fight to victory
Fetch from the stream of Ndu
The god of life
That you may wield the power of life and death.
Fetch my child, fetch! For it is now.

Rise my child
Put on you dancing beads
For I shall play you the songs of our fathers’ fathers
And you shall dance to the rhythm of ekwe ndu
Into the forest of Amadioha
And restore peace.
Dance my child, dance
Your destiny awaits you
Dance my child, dance
For it is time

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