The Woman

What being is this?
What creature could this be?
In time and space, in mankind’s unending race,
What essence is this?

Strong as cedars, bright as ambers.
Firm as mountains and as wistful as the autumn winds.
Calm as living streams but dangerous like the raging hurricane.
Silent as the dark but more alive than the universe.

Workers of magic,
Givers of life,
Creators of beauty,
Nurturers of dreams and aspirations.

Mortals with the powers of the primordials,
Home makers,
Nation shakers,
Burden breakers.

This being is a woman!
This being is a lady,
The first of her kind,
And most unique of all of God’s creations!

So special she controls nations by the power of tongue,
So graceful wars are fought over her,
So powerful she needs not a sword to fight,
More elegant than the waves of the sea, brighter than a starry night.

The woman is a force to be reckoned with,
She that commands nature and births fought beautiful intricacies that elude the minds of men.
She is the bringer and keeper of fire, the fire that burns in veins of men.
Queen, conqueror and mother, the woman is a wonder.

Sadly, she doesn’t realize the power she holds.

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