Who bought my pride and replaced with tears
Who took my heart and replaced with fears
I no longer have the courage to face my peers
This fear is creeping deep into my mind
Eating my body and damping my ego
My ego has been soiled with spoilt milk
My face has disgraced my personality
It’s all over the place I cried

I have been called a woman-hearted
My emotions creeped into my skull
They took away the faintest ego
And replaced them with nasty tears
My heart bleeds in pain
My mind prays for hope
I cannot control it anymore.

It wasn’t like this before
After I had basked in the euphoria of success
Fear came and rubbed off my emotions
Why have I fallen to sin?
The sin of public fear
Fear like a demon from the Nile river
Has flooded my tough walled heart
I am now bitter from it’s stench
It’s seen by both women, girls, ladies!

Fear, I hate thee!
Thou that stole my heart
And replaced with a lonely rhythm
Thou that beseiged my heart
And overthrew with a crooked smell
Thou that enslaved heart, hope, desire and voice
It’s you I must really fight

Who art thou, Fear?
False experience appearing real
Thou art visibly unseen
But art emotionally active
Thou that made me chew grass
I hate thee, Fear
I hate thee!

I am no longer enslaved to thee
I have covered my life with pesticides of courage
From this day henceforth
I banish you from my land of greatness
I never should see your face again
The power and wills I now possess are mine
You are now my enemy
I am now your king
I am assuming my role
Of lording over you
Noli me tangrelie, for greatness I am.

To those who were once bitten by the snake of Fear!

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