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Crazy Me

What if who I never wanted to be was always me
And the love I wanted at all cost could Kill me
What if all the things I never could do was my fault
What if the problem with me is…
Crazy Me!

What if who I love doesn’t exist
And the life I live is make believe
What if the things I have is in a precint
And then my life dries up like a leaf
What if the people I love see…
Crazy Me!

What if the bestie I have doesn’t know me
And the comfort I can afford is pain
What if the girl I hate was meant for me
And the ones I love will throw me in the rain
What if they hate and love me cos I’m….
Crazy Me!

What if the brother I know is fear
And the sister I cry to is a demon
What if the one I love brings me tears
And the one I hate tastes like sour lemon
What if they feed a lot from the skin of….
Crazy Me!

What if life frowns at me in despise
And death smiles with teeth neat as snow
What if they’re are both in disguise
And I hugged life cos she’s the one I know
What if the Casket I buried myself with was….
Crazy Me!

What if you read this and smiled
And another read it and cried
What if you found that in all I said I never lied
And when you figured it out I had died
The only thing people will say is….
Crazy Me!

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