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Bed Bugs In The Church

He had just rounded up his
Sixth round of sex for the day with Sis Tayo,
The newly installed House Leader,
And is heading towards the
Youth church for the prayer meeting.

Last week, he was at Sis Eniola’s
House for what he called,
“Personal Bible Study,”
But ended up personally studying her.

Fervent, zealous, prayerful,
But had a weakness.

We’ve got a spoonful of them in the church,
Jumping from bed to bed,
From mattress to mattress,
Sampling ladies like bed bugs.
From the choir mistress,
To the best soprano minstrel,
Then, to the assistant group leader.

You’ll be shocked.
Pastors becoming paste tenses
Leaders in the church,
Now lead ass in the world.

They’d scream lungs and throat
At gatherings, at prayer meetings
And even clamour the gift of the Holy Spirit.

God shall soon flit them with his sniper!
If they remain bug-ridden.

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