An aroma of joy, made my stream flow
From the heart of silver
Springs like the lake of wisdom.
Sounded like strings of violin played by a Chinese.
I feel calm not troubled, by silent wind from happiness.
No auction but joy and happiness ignit together.
Cheers to the sun, the light of my desire,
It let me walk in darkness without fear,
It light surrounds me as electrons of joy.

Enormous joy gave me 12 gifts,
Although, I am silent with it, my light still glowed
Snow of joy, I see in this month, so amazing like rubies,
Glowing like shining stars…
Happy, I am, the sea of happiness fed my dryness as my blood is to my heart.
So happy, the moon cannot comprehend my happiness.
12, mount my happiness on mount Olives
Happiness took me around olive like an eagle.

Although, I am lonely all the time
But my favorite is with me all the time.
I am not alone, because the state of aloneness present itself to me as gift of secrets,
Poetry my friend, you made me happy all the time.
I am complete within myself,
An external companion is a myth.

12, you gave me scary secret, I can’t control, but poetry helped me out.
Winter in the mist of green valley
12, became a balcony of green atmosphere to me.

I refer all this to myself today, because I don’t know the reason.
The reason for tomorrow, no body knows
But few can access tomorrow to know what it entails.
My eye sees what nature presents for me to see.
Even Job saw it, and still not know tomorrow.
To and fro is the dance of nature
Happiness lain on both as a gentle wolf.
To welcome the 12th month, know as December.

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