Head and tail journey
Like the wind, up like a black orphanage children
A brown card was given to them
As an access point to check in
The holes of golf, an institute of raffle ticket.
They were given a lot of access keys
To break in the kit of a welded triangle.

Those gander rang the bell like a triangle in midst of shapes
They crack themselves like nut is the midst of slit.
Raffle tong dexterify with modifier.
The house of a tortoise its in is shell
The wheel of fortune is in hard work.
Whot has became a treasure given to head as knowledge
To tail as leg, to walk like an ant.
Figures raise like words from the mouth of a learned begins
To represent paper as whot.
Triangles juggle from one tree to another like a monkey,
Business on trees to exercise pleasure like sludge.

Square squirts like urine
A green card is ushered out like urine
Physics in the mouth of venom
This is creeped out, like thaw of venom.

Cardiff won, the master of whot,
So skilful like the direction of the wind,
Knowledgeable like the members of its thought.
Star shapes shine like its member
To overcome other shapes that have no fin to swim in water.
Whot for life, mote at the front of distribution
The moment to checkup many cards with one card

With the dexterity of the mind.
Only the blown minded ones exercise such dexterity.
Carpet is crowned with scroll thought,
The winning card holds on,
Checkup is awarded to figure 9
The swift placed it down…

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