Succinct December

Succinct December—ZenPens

On the first of December 2018,
many prayed to end the year smoothly and get into 2019
And this is first of December 2019,
many are still praying for another smooth entrance into 2020.

Just like yesterday, 365 days is soon to fade
and many goals still hanging in the shade.
Many are hoping for an upgrade,
to be among those called ‘made’
but their numbers are cut down by daily life’s blade.

To some,
31 days in the twelfth month
is 31 steps to upturn all ills.
Hence the crush and rush to hit gold
even at the expense of others.

And comically,
Decembers kept coming
and men kept aging
and the human race racing
through a cyclical tunnel of meaningless.

But December can be succinct;
if we rely on God and not instinct,
love others not in precinct
and save life from the grip of extinct,
then our life will be remarkably distinct
oozing with fragrance of Tinct.

Happy new month folks

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